Shares and Share Capital

The share capital of TELEPIZZA GROUP, S.A. is 25,180,169.8 €, and it is represented by 100,720,679 shares of 0.25 € of nominal value each of them, numbered in correlation from 1 to 100,720,679, both inclusive, fully subscribed and paid.

All shares are of the same class and series and grant the same rights.

Currently the shares of TELEPIZZA GROUP, S.A. are listed on the Stock Exchange of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia through the Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System.

The evolution of the share capital and the actions is as follows:

DateLegal actAmountIssuance of new sharesNo. of SharesNominal value of the shareShare capital
05/02/2016Conversion into a public limited company360,00050€18,000,000€
18/03/2016Split of the shares72,000,0000.25€18,000,000€
25/04/2016Increase of the share capital3,823,579.5€15,294,318
27/04/2016Increase of the share capital3,356,590.25€13,426,361100,720,6790.25€25,180,169.75€

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